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The Vancouver Ruby/Rails/Merb December Meetup

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Peter A. and Scott P.


The meetup is now at WorkSpace (Suite 400, 21 Water Street).

After the meetup, some of us may head over to Irish Heather or Chill Winston for beer afterward.

Tonight's talk will be by Scott Patten. Here's his summary:

So Peter twisted my arm and I agreed to give a talk tonight. I've recently wrote a cool little DSL for generating Rails and Ruboss scaffolds, and I wanted to show it off.

I thought it would be fun if I re-enacted the creation of the DSL using Test Driven Development (TDD) so that people could get a feel for what TDD looks and feels like. I'll be doing live coding and you'll all get to yell at me when I write ugly code or make typos and it'll be kind of fun and interactive. The guys from seattle.rb call this 'gang bang coding'. Let's see how it goes.

We'll end up with the ability to use scaffolder files like this to create a starting point for a rails app:

# flexomatic_scaffolder.rb

require 'rubygems'
require 'ruboss4ruby/ruboss_scaffolder'

ruboss_scaffold('user') do |s|
s.string :login
s.string :name
s.string :email
s.string :crypted_password

ruboss_scaffold('dataset') do |s|
s.belongs_to :user
s.has_many :graphs, :datacolumns
s.string :name

ruboss_scaffold('graph') do |s|
s.belongs_to :dataset
s.string :name, :title
s.integer :position, :height, :width, :xpos, :ypos
s.has_many :axes
s.has_many :graphlines
s.has_one :legend

ruboss_scaffold('legend') do |s|
s.belongs_to :graph
s.integer :xpos, :ypos
s.boolean :visible


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